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Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Improves Golf Swing Performance

If you've ever golfed, you'll likely know the importance of a full golf swing. What if something as safe, natural and beneficial as a chiropractic care could improve that golf swing? Well, it appears findings from a new study show just that. For a growing number of athletes, chiropractic care has been the tool they’ve used to increase their overall performance in their particular sport, including golfers. In this most recent study, 43 golfers were assigned to one of two groups - either a program of stretching or a program of stretching combined with chiropractic spinal manipulation.  Average age, handicap and initial swing were comparable between the two groups and various golf maneuvers were evaluated pre and post treatment once per week for 4 weeks. No improvement of full-swing performance was observed with the stretch only group. However, researchers did find improvement in the stretching plus chiropractic spinal manipulation group. While the number of golfers evaluated was limited, the findings are exciting and indicate like so many athletes are claiming that chiropractic care allows them to achieve optimal performance in additional to optimal health.

Source: Journal of Chiropractic Medicine. Vol 8, Issue 4; December 2009.